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Best Cheap Restaurants In Prague

This is a list of the Best Cheap Restaurants In Prague.

While Prague has gotten gradually more expensive over the years, compared to other cities in Central or Western Europe, you can still find some very good value restaurants in Prague. We have put together a list of the best cheap restaurants in Prague for you. You can still get a beer in a bar for a Euro and buy a Gulas in a local restaurant for between €3 to €4. Restaurants in the centre or around the Castle are far more expensive in general than restaurants in a local area of the city. You will find a lot of great value lunch specials from €2.50 to €5.50 during the week. Lunch is usually served from 12.30 pm to 3 pm. The best districts in Prague for good lunch menu options are Vinohrady (Prague 2) and Letna (Prague 7). Most servers/waiters speak good English and the menu is normally in English and Czech.

1. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Burrito Loco

best cheap restaurants in prague cobra cafe prague burrito loco prague

There are now 7 of these highly successful Mexican fast food joints in Prague and they are opened 24/7. Their Speedie Burritos are a great value option costing a mere €3.20. You can get your food to take away or eat inside. The most centrally located Burrito Loco Restaurant is on Národní Třída.

2. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Beas - Indian Thali Restaurant

best cheap restaurants in prague beas belehradska prague

Amazingly Prague has become one of the best destinations in Europe for having such a great variety of vegetarian restaurants (considering Czechs have traditionally been a meat-eating nation). Here your thali is weighted. Expect to pay approx 140 CZK for a full thali. There is a jug of water on each table, so you don’t need to buy a drink. If you are a vegetarian, this is a good option. Beas have expanded very rapidly in Prague and now have 8 locations in Prague.

3. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Bhojan - Indian Thali Restaurant 

best cheap restaurants in prague bhojan prague

Here they also serve tallies. This also excellent takeaway option because they have excellent containers with dividers and then they vacuum seal it. The restaurant located in the most central location is on Strossmayerovo Náměstí in Letna.

4. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Greek Corner Delis

best cheap restaurants in prague greek corner deli prague

There is a Greek Corner Deli in Prague 2 and Prague 7. They sell Greek pies from a serve-over. I recommend the Spinach and Cheese pie (€2) and also the mince beef pie (€2.50 CZK). You can take these to go or eat inside.

5. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Döner Kebab Žižkov

best cheap restaurants in prague doner kebab žižkov

Image Credit: Google Street View
Kebab joints have been popping up all over Prague the last 3 years and are another great value option for a cheap eat. This is one of the cleanest and best Kebab restaurants in Prague located on Seifertova street in Zizkov, Prague 3. Here a Doner Kebab costs €2.60.

6. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan

best cheap restaurants in prague pho vietnam tuan lan

Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan beside JZP was the first Vietnamese restaurant to open in Prague and they set the standard for excellent Pho in Prague ever since. They have now have 3 restaurants in Prague. I recommend any of the Pho’s or the Ban Cha, both cost approximately €5.50 each. Below is the address of their first location.

7. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Curry Palace

best cheap restaurants in prague curry palace prague

While the evening menu at Curry Palace can be expensive lunch specials are very good value here ranging from €3.50 to €5.50. This restaurant has been voted Prague’s best Indian restaurant on various surveys and has excellent reviews online.

8. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - U Vystrelenyho Oka (The Shot-Out Eye)

best cheap restaurants in prague shot out eye prague

Image Credit: Lucie Jelinkova

The Shot-Out Eye is a legendary bar restaurant located in Zizkov roughly halfway between the Karlin Tunnel entrance and Florence Bus Station on Husitska street. Many of the Charter 77 meetings during communism were held here. Also, this place is famous for it’s cheap and excellent Gulas for only €2.25.

9. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Kavarna Liberal

best cheap restaurants in prague kavarna liberal prague

This is like a 1920s Parisian cafe, always serving daily specials costing from €4 to €5. The Spanish ham baguette comes recommended and costs €3. While this cafe is a little off the beaten track, I can assure that all the staff speak very good English. They have no English menu but any of the waitresses will translate for it for you.

10. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Cobra

best cheap restaurants in prague cobra cafe prague

This is a recently opened hip cafe/bar/restaurant right on the corner of Strossmayerovo Náměstí in Letna. This cafe tries very hard to have good tasty food for good value. A meal here will set you back €5 on average.

11. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Reigrovy Sady

best cheap restaurants in prague reigrovy sady prague

Reigrovy Sady is one of Prague’s biggest Beer Gardens located in Vinohrady just on the edge of Zizkov and only a 15-minute walk from the top of Wenceslas Square in the centre. The number of stalls serving beer and food is ever expanding. Depending on the day there can be up to 12 different food stands opened. I recommend the hot English styles pies. These only cost €3.50 each.

12. Best Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Pizza West

best cheap restaurants in prague pizza west prague website

Pizza West is one of the best options to order pizza to your hostel or hotel room during your stay in Prague. Their website is in English. The interface of the website is not attractive but it is very functional. You simply order on the website and it normally takes about 30 mins to 1 hour for your order to arrive. For instance, a large Salami pizza costs €4.60 plus the delivery fee. The delivery fee is normally €1.80 but can be more depending on where in Prague you are located.

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